Hemoglobin powder for pet and livestock feed

VITALPRO is an organic product of high biological value which is used for its high palatability and water absorption capacity.

VITALPRO’s protein content is high, particularly rich in lysine and valine, and it has high levels of easily absorbable iron.

VITALPRO is widely used and accepted in the diets of different animal species such as pigs (depending on the growth stage), in monogastric animals, in fish and in ruminants where local legislation allows it.

Health Register IPSA: 10576
Identification number: GTIN 74-33200-73903-7


Plasma powder for pet and livestock feed

Fundamental meat protein in the production of balanced foods, it contains a high protein value, high solubility and is easy to be digested, used as a complement to meat protein for human consumption and a protein supplement in the production of animal feed, improving the immune system because it is a product that contains immunoglobulin Lg and G.

PROMAX can be used for the nutrition of birds, pigs, fish, pets (felines and canines), other animal species and in ruminants where the local legislation allows it.

Health Register IPSA: 10576
Identification number: GTIN 74-33200-73903-7